Antipodes II (2011)

Antipodes II (2011)

Blick von Olvera nach Auckland

For Antipodes II a virtual look through the earth’s midpoint was created. Two exact antipodal points were connected by means of a Skype video conference and two schools were involved to accomplish this situation – one in the Spanish town of Olvera, the other in Auckland, New Zealand.

Satellite imagery: Google; Landsat Copernicus

Planning. The decision for these two sites was influenced by the fact that the partners at Waikowhai Intermediate School were able to build the installation on the premises of St. John’s Vianney, a Catholic church opposite the I.E.S. Zaframagon. Both schools were free to design the installation according to the given technical premises, and asked to plan a small event.

Execution. The two installations were connected on March 31st 2011, at around sunrise, in Olvera (= sunset in Auckland). Only at his time of the day, would some natural light be simultaneously available at both antipodes (all other times would have meant darkness at either antipode). The event lasted for an hour, starting at 07:45 h (Central European Summer Time) / 18:45 (New Zealand Standard Time); sunrise/sunset being approximately in the middle. Each school staged a series of small presentations, introducing themselves and aspects of their culture. After this, the virtual tunnel was opened so that people could look through it.

Video Documentation

Project documentation (Englisch, part 1)
Project documentation (Englisch, part 2)
Project documentation (Spanish, part 1)
Project documentation (Spanish, part 2)

Special thanks to: Instituto de Educación Secundaria Zaframagón, Olvera: Juan Luis Ortega (general co-ordination), Salvador Diaz (technology and logistics), Maria del Carmen Marquez (translations and organisational support), Maribel del Olmo (choreography), and all the students for their amazing presentations!
Waikowhai Intermediate School, Auckland: Liz Wood (general co-ordination), Mick Pentz (technology and logistics), and all the students for their amazing presentations!
St. John’s Vianney Catholoic Church, Auckland: Kind permission to use their estate and facilities.