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4D Works

Real Time (20th - 21st June 2004)

The artist Sandra Schmidt and I spent 36 hours behind the windows of the Onomato gallery in Düsseldorf. After our overnight stay, an alarm clock going off marked the beginning of the performance on June 20th at 7 a.m.. From this moment on, each of us used a computer keyboard to document as many as of our immediate thoughts as possible. No word was spoken inside the gallery. The texts appeared on screens behind the windows facing the street, visible only from the outside. Once a piece of text was typed it was virtually impossible to alter it. The present time was added to the text on the screen at regular intervals. Passers-by were able to compare the texts each of us produced. The performance ended after 24 hours.
Echtzeit Web

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Ladenlokal des Kuenstlervereins Onomato von Aussen waehrend der Performance
Echtzeit Außenansicht 1      Echtzeit Außenansicht 2
Photos: Anne Koch, Video Myriam Thyes

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