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Dachstein Apology (1st April 2008)

This intervention was carried out during a residency at the Dachstein glacier in Styria, Austria. Although situated in a national park, the area is overrun by tourists throughout the entire year, and becomes increasingly polluted. Additionally, it is used for a growing number of cultural events. Accepting a residency in the cable car's summit station was part of an ambiguous decision: It was both a great chance to work at an unusual location, but it also meant complicity in the exploitation of the Dachstein area.
The "letter" was visible from the restaurant at the cable car mountain station, and close to a popular ski slope, for six hours on 1st April 2008. The writing faced away from the spectators in the restaurant, and towards the surrounding mountains and the skies. The transparent sheet was fixed onto the surface of the glacier; under the black letters the snow melted by about 5 cm, due to the sun's radiation. The "engraving" remained visible until late in the evening, but disappeared over night.

Dachstein Apologie - Video abspielen

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Dachstein Apologie - Transparent im Schnee

English translation of the text:
»To whom it may concern.
Thank you very much for the most enjoyable stay.
Please accept my apologies for the damage done.
With kind regards, J. Jozwiak«

Installationsansicht - Totale / Dachsteingletscher
Geschmolzene Lettern

This project was realised with the help of Franz Loibner and Eva Baker and enabled by the friendly support of:

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