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2 & 3D Works

Photosophy (2010)

Installation view

This work is based on a picture search carried out in the image hosting and online photo communities Flickr and Picasa. I looked for images tagged ‘Knowledge’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Truth’, ‘Justice’, ‘Quality’ or ‘Reality’. The first 19 results for each of these terms are arranged in the shape of a ring. Each of the pictures marks the the origin of a ‘ray’, on which further images, which have been tagged in a likewise way, are aligned. The photographer of the first image found for ‘Knowledge’, for example, had also assigned his image the tag ‘Kindness’. In the next step, ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Kindness’ were used in combination (‘Knowledge + Kindness’). The first image resulting from this new search was an image that was furthermore tagged with the words ‘Advanced Capitalism’, so the starting point for the search which ensued was the combination of words: ‘Knowledge + Family + Advanced Capitalism’, and in this way search terms were continually added. Each ray ends with an image whereby the tag combination yielded no further results. As can be seen additional rays connect the five original terms. Photos which are assigned two of these terms in combination are placed on rays connecting the ‘universes’.

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